TrinbagoChurch International





            School of Deliverance:

       Jesus said, "Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers,  

       raise the dead, cast out devils ..." (Matthew 10:8)

       This School teaches the Believer how to 'set the  

       captives free'.



  • Christian Literature:

        Publication of Gospel Tracts

        Periodical Community Brochure/Newsletter

        Published Books by Author Pastor Samlalsingh

        Bible Study Materials by Rev. Phillip Samlalsingh


  • Youth Ministries:

        The youths of TTCOC are the Joshua generation

        with a cutting edge ministry of dance, music, and



  • Outreach Ministries:

       TTCOC reaches out to the lost through crusades

       and various forms of evangelism both locally and



  • Facilitator:

       TTCOC welcomes ministries from around the

       world. We have had the opportunity to host and

       facilitate ministers from the USA, Canada, and



  • Prayer Ministry:

       We at TTCOC believe that God answers prayer

       only in Jesus’ name. A strong and dedicated

       prayer team will intercede by faith for persons

       locally and internationally.


  • Online Ministry:

       Jesus’ prayed that we might be one, as He and the

       Father are one.

       TTCOC seeks to network local churches around 

       the world via the internet to share the faith though

       the multiplicity of unique ministries and thereby

       create a spiritual bond among the brethren, and

       to provide a base for prayer requests.

       TTCOC believes that those that are strong must

       help those that are weak.

       This network encourages the sharing of 

       information, education, and ministry gifts.