Children of Divine Destiny Orphanage

TrinbagoChurch International

“Helping destiny fulfill purpose”








ear friend, please pray with us for the special children of India and Philippines that are sponsored by our ministry. We believe that each child is created by God to fulfil a designed destiny. Our earnest effort is to help each orphan child know the unconditional love of God and experience a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.


Through our faithful and dedicated covenant pastors that supervise and administrate this ministry we are able to provide:

        Clean Water

        Nutritious Food

        Health Care

        Educational Opportunities

 . Spiritual Nurture



Our Objective


he objective of this ministry is to help each child discover the purpose of life and ultimately fulfil their God-designed destiny. This can only be realized by a holistic approach to the human life. Therefore, we will minister to Spirit, Mind, and Body.

Through our dedicated pastors and team we will provide spiritual, educational, and physical help to each child.


1.    The child will be taught Biblical instructions and its life applications at a level that he/she can understand. At the age of accountability the child will be invited to receive Jesus as Lord and Saviour to be spiritually born again.


2.   The child will receive schooling so that he/she would be able to read, write and develop their natural skills and talents.


3.   The child will be taught how to value, nourish and maintain a healthy physical body which is the temple of God.


Our Vision Statement


ur vision is to help orphans discover their uniqueness and purpose in life, and to fulfil their divine destiny through a personal relationship with God as their Father and Jesus Christ as their Saviour.

This goal will be achieved with our faithful covenant pastors and sponsors who adhere to our ministry’s mission and objectives.


Our Mission

TTCOCI and our faithful sponsors along with the committed and caring support of our international covenant pastors and volunteers shall seek to establish international orphan ministries for Children of Divine Destiny.

TTCOCI in partnership with these pastors and volunteer workers of local churches will look after orphans in the remote places of the world to fulfil our vision statement.