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Trinidad is like the town of Bethlehem, a tiny but significant place in the heart of God. It is part of the twin-island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. It was in the year 1498 that the notable pioneer, Christopher Columbus, sailed the Caribbean Seas on his third epic, exploratory journey around the then known world when he stumbled upon this twin island. The Majesty of the triple mountains now called the Trinity Hills, for which the island of Trinidad is celebrated, rose magnificently before him. The inspiring image sparked such a heavenly awe in the mind and spirit of this renowned explorer that the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Ghost immediately came to mind. He called this island 'La Trinidad' which is 'The Trinity' in Spanish. Later the 'La' was dropped and the name 'Trinidad' was adopted.

Trinidad & Tobago, the home of the Steelpan, is located just seven miles off the coast of Venezuela. These two islands are one country with a distinct culture, yet each has its own personality. The population is on average 1.4 Million people.

Trinidad is busy and industry-focused, while Tobago is serene, tranquil and relaxing . The islands are renowned for their warm climate, friendly and hospitable people, magnificent beaches, natural wonders and cultural festivals.

The capital of Trinidad is Port of Spain. It boasts a myriad of shopping venues, businesses, towering buildings, hotels, and restaurants. The Queen's Park Savannah, Emperor Valley Zoo, Botanical

Gardens and Colonial-Styled Mansions stand as a testimony of the beauty of the island. Other wonderful sites include the Aripo Caves, Hollis Reservoir and the Asa Wright Nature Centre, both famous for bird watching,  the Paria Waterfall among many others, popular as a hiking ground. Also you can visit one of the natural wonders of  the world- the Pitch Lake in La Brea. While here you can also take part in viewing another wonder that occurs at only one time of the year; Leatherback Turtle Watching.

Trinidad's rich history can be experienced at such popular historical sites like Fort George, the Chaguaramas Military History and Aviation Museum, and the River Estate Water Wheel, Gasparee limestone caves, Toco Lighthouse, and the Lopinot Museum.


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The Capital of Tobago is none other than Scarborough. Tobago is a visitor's paradise, boasting of beautiful white sand beaches, Magnificent Coral Reefs with rare species of Coral and Fishes, Glass-bottomed boats, First-class guesthouses, hotels and inns. Tobago offers  visitors an ideal opportunity
to meet locals as well as discover the art and craft that are made on the island by skilled Craftsmen.


An island off of Tobago- called "Little Tobago", is also another jewel waiting to be discovered and is also a bird watcher's haven.

Among other interesting places are Diving sites, bird sanctuaries, A historical site-
Fort George, and
the famous tombstone. Come visit as we win Trinidad and Tobago for the Lord Jesus Christ, we welcome you!



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