Pastor's Poetry

TrinbagoChurch International

Inspirational Poetry
 Rev. Phillip Samlalsingh






Manifested Miracle


God left heaven for a while,

Angels hushed their singing and all

began to sigh.


To see Almighty disrobe His glory,

for a muddy suit of frail humanity,

was more than they could bear.


Seraphims and Cherubims concerned

and confused, as Jesus Emmanuel

paid for man's worst fear.


"If I don't go to them they can't

come to me,” said He, so from

heaven to earth, He came to set us free.


From Mary’s womb to Joseph’s tomb,

He lived, He loved, and He died,

and angels in heaven silently  cried.


Third day after He’s risen as He

said, conquering every foe

and prisons of the dead.


Now back to heaven He reigns

forever, as Lord and redeemer,

thence angels rejoice o'er every

sinner who now accepts the Savior.


copyright Phillip Samlalsingh 2006






Easter Miracle



After Dusk but just before dawn

Lord's Day morning 'twas a great earthquake,

Three days now all creation mourn

And guards like dead men watch the gate.


His resting place a borrowed tomb

A virgin place to hold the Savior,

With strong travail a mystical womb

Came forth the Lord to live forever.


Fulfilled inerrant prophesy,

O death, where is thy sting?

O grave, where is thy victory?

And angels in heaven began to sing.


Jesus master o'er the dead

Had no plans to here remain,

Himself now risen as He said

And gave the promise, "I'll come again."


Easter morn was just the beginning

Thence sinners have been forgiven,

Now all await His second coming

To go and dine with Him in heaven.


Phillip Samlalsingh 2006


He is Risen!


He had no house to call His own
Though every welcoming house was His home.
He owned no tomb to rest His crucified body
There was no need because it was temporary.
He buried our sins in a borrowed sepulcher
Only after He paid for every sinner.
Then three days while down-under
Our able Redeemer strip the enemy of all
His power.
With plans to stay not a minute longer
He Heard the voice of His loving
Father: “come up hither!”
Early Sunday morning heaven is rejoicing
While saints on earth are anxiously waiting.
Here He comes! up from the grave He arose
With great triumph over His foes.
And the angel reminds us: “Why seek ye the
living among the dead?
"He is risen as He said.”

Rev. Phillip T. Samlalsingh

Copyright 2006 Rev. Phillip T. Samlalsingh




Television Dilemma

A place where the rich and famous are popular.
When married with children is grandeur.
Where adultery leads many to a life of debauchery.
And home sweet home turns into sin city.
Now the young and restless are entrapped by immorality.
And society loses all sense of decency.
Television, once a place for family
Now for those home alone seeking lewd
Vulnerable minds are perverted by
pornography and violence.
And TV producers exhibit no benevolence.
While money is all that there're really
The impact on our youth is negative, and
total disaster.

Rev. Phillip T. Samlalsingh

Copyright 2006 Rev. Phillip T. Samlalsingh