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We thank you for taking the time to get  acquainted with us in Trinidad and would consider it a privilege to get to know you and your ministry also. Please contact any one of us by using the following E-mail address -

Meet the Ministers of T.T.C.O.C.I

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Minister Susan Samlalsingh

Co-founder and co-pastor, minister Susan Samlalsingh is the first-lady of Trinidad & Tobago Christian Outreach Center "MIRACLE CHURCH"

She is the ever supportive wife of founder and senior pastor Rev. Phillip Samlalsingh.

Susan is the secretary and public relations officer of TTCOC.

Susan is the mother of pastor’s three grown children, Racheal, Reuben and Richard, and they are all active in the ministry.


Minister Eileen Samlalsingh

Minister Eileen Samlalsingh is an armor bearer and the mother of Pastor Phillip Samlalsingh. Her life and ministry has inspired many to be strong in the faith.

Minister Eileen is also one of the musicians of TTCOC, she plays the key board.

Mother Samlalsingh has a powerful prayer ministry.


Rev. Cheryl Dunn (Canada)


Rev. Cheryl Dunn is the International Associate Minister of TTCOCI, and is a multi-nominated gospel award winner in the United States and Canada. Cheryl is called of God to carry the gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations through her strongly anointed music ministry. She has several music albums with her latest release - I'm Free.


Cheryl Dunn has credentials with Trinidad & Tobago Christian Outreach Center, and is TTCOCI  representative in Canada.


Cheryl is also the international booking agent for Phillip Samlalsingh World Outreach Ministry.


Apostle  Phillip Samlalsingh D.D.

Apostle  Phillip Samlalsingh is an ordained minister, and is the founder and Senior Pastor of Trinidad & Tobago Christian Outreach Center (International), a pentecostal church in south Trinidad. Pastor Phillip is known to be a passionate evangelist and a compassionate Pastor. His ministry has taken him throughout Trinidad & Tobago, United States, Canada, Colombia, Europe, and India.

Pastor is the author of of several books including the life-changing book "7 SPIRIT ANOINTED"

Apostle Samlalsingh and his wife Susan works as a team to fulfill their part in the Kingdom of God.


Rev. Laureen Kissoon

Rev. Laureen Kissoon has served faithfully in this ministry since 1998


Laureen is an able minister with a powerful preaching and prayer ministry. Her ministry has taken her to the USA, Canada, Colombia and India where she was greatly used of the Lord.

Laureen is currently the radio host on Miracle Church Media Ministry.


Rev. Laureen Kissoon is an ordained minister of TTCOC. and is one of our faithful ministers.

Rev. Kissoon is the mother of two daughters, Rebecca and Sarah.


Minister Cheryl Harripaul

Minister Cheryl Harripaul is a founding member of TTCOC. She is an armor bearer and soloist. Her music ministry is anointed of God and has been a blessing to many.

Rev. Kelvin Corbet