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This material supports studies given in New Testament and uses the New King James text. It is currently designed to minister to children ages 1st through 6th grades, but could easily be adapted through the Jr. High age.

The curriculum is designed as a verse by verse approach of studying the Bible with children.

* There are 162 studies from the New Testament.
a. These studies are from Matthew through Revelation.

* This curriculum supports the lessons which have been clearly thought out and prepared for during the week by the teacher (using an inductive form of study).

* This curriculum has been designed to use the Bible as the primary text of study. This curriculum will not work without using the Bible alongside it in class.

* Each page is designed to support specific areas during class time.
a. The colouring page and the activity page can be used during the signing-in or signing-out times.
b. The study page can be used as a reinforcement of the story time.
c. A memory verse is included in each lesson.

* Each study is broken into two separate age groups.

a. The 1st and 2nd grade pages are indicated by a 1/2 on the bottom of the study page and the activity page.
b. The 3rd through 6th grade pages are indicated by a 3/6 on the bottom of the study page and the activity page.
c. The colouring page can be used for any age.

* Each week you will need to photocopy the Bible study page you use in class.

The curriculum is not designed to be a graded test.

a. We want to encourage the children, not discourage them.

* It is not designed to lead a teacher through an entire class time, rather to support the teacher in the class for the time that he or she prepared during the week.
a. There is no lesson planner. (It is important to do an inductive study)

As you find out what works best for you,
you might want to make some changes

A. The Greeting
1. Important time for parent/teacher relationship
a. This is a time where the parent is looking at the environment of the classroom
b.In control, out of control, warm & loving, cold etc.
2. A time to let the incoming child know that he or she is welcome and important to the class

B. Introduction Activity (Use 1 or more as time permits.)
1. Coloring
2. Wordsearch
3. Crossword Puzzle
4. Craft

C. Prayer Time
1. Prayer Requests

D. Worship Time
1. Include children's worship songs
2. Sing some adult level worship songs

E. Bible Time
1. Read directly from God's Word
a. You may want the children to read (Call only on volunteers)
2. Retell the story visually (Using 1 or more of the following)
a. Flannelgraph or Flash Cards
b. Puppets or Drama
c. Filmstrip or Video
3. Do Bible study pages

4. Use the inductive study method
a. Find out what it says (Using Bible Study Handout)
b. Find out what the facts mean
c. Find out personal application

F. Memory Verse
1. Devotions

G. Closing Activity
1. Games which reinforce the Bible story
2. Prayer
3. Cleanup

H. Sign-Out Time
1. This time is again important for parent/teacher relationship
2. The parent looks at the classroom environment and assumes that the present situation
has been the environment all class long
3. Try to say good-bye to each child individually

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2. 3 Steps On How To Teach The Study Program